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Year 2020 was a very particular one under the sign of the global pandemic covid-19 which at the beginning of the year impacted heavily the Chinese demand and thereafter knocked the world global markets. Indonesian coal suffered as much as many other industries during the first half of the year with depressed prices lead by global demand disruption that lasted till end of Q3. Last quarter of the year prices rebound and went way further their starting level reaching record highs for as much as it concerns the last decade, this was mainly caused by the trade war between China and Australia. The Company in the course of 2020 has successfully diversified its business by entering Russian PCI market, by trading Bunker Fuel as well as gasoil shipped by railways from Russia to Mongolia.


2019 was a key year of development for the BME coal off-take project. The Company’s shareholders are invested on key logistic infrastructures to enhance the tradable volumes from this source. Despite the logistic developments the Company is meanwhile still continued its off- take activity of the same as well as it supplied its historical products RUB and ALAM JAYA coals.


The Company reached its highest volume of coal sold (more than 6.50M tons) and its best financial performarce since its incorporation, results that were achieved thanks to the start of a new off-take from BME in Sumatra and a further increase on tonnage from historical off-takes of RUB and ALAM JAYA.


Was a year of significant consolidation in the coal market with prices considerably higher than previous years and the whole industry notably uplifted. The Company strengthened its position in the market and confirmed to be a key partner to source stable quantity and quality coal, of the major trading house inworld. Total tonnage traded in the year reached 5.00Mtons..


We have been developing, together with our long-term suppliers’ new mines and improved the existing sources in order to increase the monthly capacity and to better satisfy the mix of products demanded by destination markets. Far East Commodities nowadays represents a reliable supplier and counterpart for the top players operating in our industry (including big trading house). In 2016 Total Quantity > 4.0M.


Coal industry was at lowest level ever all over the world but among all the markets, the Far East market was the one which performed better. The company strategically decided to consolidate its position and reached good results further confirmed its 2% share of the indonesian coal export market. At the end of 2015 the company had already traded more than 10 million tonnes of coal since its incorporation. .


The company expanded its activity in Europe, CIS, Black Sea and South America by setting up a dedicated team of Senior Traders in Switzerland. Important results were reached in 2014 on these markets but due to the crummy markets conditions in 2015 the management decided to provisionally end to work on these markets and reallocated its manpower in the Company’s main market, the Far East.


The company funded the constructions of a loading facility in East Kalimantan from which have been handled 150,000 mts per month of coal which have been sold under an offtake agreement, an important step of cooperation with RUB mine which product has been a gemstone of the coal products exclusively traded by the company over the years.


During the first year and part of the 2013 the management has been focused in building the financial means and negotiating off take agreements and marketing rights agreements with mines in Indonesia which supply has sustained the start-up of the Company.


Far East Commodities was founded in 2012 by expert traders, financial managers and entrepreneurs active in mining with the aim to play a relevant role into the energy markets of the Far East regions and CIS. Our savoir faire is based on true and faithful business relationships accompanied by accurate and quality service always aiming to the excellence.