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The Group has been developing a multi-commodity, integrated trading business from the procedures to the delivery to the end user. We secure off-take and we guarantee profit sharing to suppliers and customers through rigorous scrutiny of the factors characterizing the commodity business.

We have developed long-term relationships with suppliers and strategic business partners investing or providing financial support at any level of the supply chain. This includes the working capital for the suppliers, logistic support, inland transportation, storage management and cargo handling and shipping.
Our direct involvement in the inland supply chain enables our Company to overview and control the whole process – including quality and supply chain operational risks – from a privileged position.

We operate by establishing commercial partnerships with medium-sized producers and traders with whom we secure marketing rights and strategic positions in
logistics and coal handling.

We have a strong presence in Indonesia. Initially, we invested heavily in this country to develop the export of coal to meet the energy needs of the Far East Asian regions. Although Indonesia is no longer our only region of sourcing, we rely on this country to build our leadership in the green energy market. Here, we are planning to contribute to the following projects:

  • Large-scale solar farms, in partnership with Trafigura and an international developer
  • Offtake of biofuel to export to EU and UK markets
  • Offtake of biofuel IISCC feedstocks