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Far East Commodities


Far East Commodities is committed to promoting sustainability and being a responsible corporate by giving attention to people and the planet in all that we do. Our aim is to integrate sustainability into all of our decision making. Far East Commodities understands the importance of integrity, transparency and reliability to our success as a business. All our officers and employees are expected to conduct their business affairs in accordance with all applicable laws and observe the highest standards of business ethics.

It is our policy to protect and respect the basic human rights of our employees and associates.

Far East Commodities seeks out activities that contribute to the community in which we operate. Activities include volunteerism, donations, and sponsorship opportunities, among others.

Risk assessments, related to specific job functions, are conducted annually in an effort to identify job hazards and who might be harmed and how. The results of the risk assessments are elaborated, and safety procedures adjusted to ensure adequate levels of health, safety, and welfare.